Blue House Gallery Schull reopens 14th April

The Blue House Gallery in Schull opens its 2017 season on April 14 with the launch of a beautiful new book entitled Green Wood Stools by Alison Ospina, leading chair maker and teacher of green wood techniques.

This will be followed by a month-long exhibition of Alison’s work together with that of three other stool makers featured in the book: James Carroll, Thomas Kay and Eamon Quinn. In addition, a large group show by gallery artists entitled ‘Interiors’ will be upstairs, offering a diverse and exciting mix of interpretations.

Alison Ospina is best known for her publications West Cork Inspires (2011) a pioneering and beautifully produced book about the half-century development of modern crafts in West Cork, and Green Wood Chairs (2009). She has been creating green wood chairs and stools that are both sculptural and functional for over twenty years, with a distinctive approach that uses the natural shapes of the tree. Green Wood Stools shows innovative ways to use beautiful, versatile, unseasoned hazel to create that most fundamental of seats – the wooden stool. Alison is a skilled craftswoman and teacher, and her understanding of the joy of green wood working inspires us to discover our ‘inner chair maker’, using techniques that are simple and relatively easy to master.

James Carroll is an artist at heart and sees stools as functional sculpture. His workshop is filled with beautiful planks and tree stumps; he collects wood because it inspires him to be creative. Each of Thomas Kay’s sculpted stools are made from a single section of tree. He uses a chainsaw to shape and sculpt them into perfect curves and loops. Eamon Quinn is a local furniture maker specialising in using indigenous timbers with extraordinary colour and grain, to make his bespoke stools and tables.

For the Interiors show that will accompany the Green Wood Stools exhibition, twenty five artists have responded to the invitation to produce work, including Alyn Fenn, Ann Martin, Ayelet Lalor, Birgitta Saflund, Brian Lalor, Christine Thery, Diarmuid Breen, Etain Hickey, Geoff Greenham, Harriet Selka, Janet Murran, Kym Leahy, Lynda Miller Baker, Penny Dixie, Ruth O’Donnell, Vauney Strahan, Wendy Dison and Yoko Akino. Sculpture, painting, photography and ceramics will be exhibited and it will be exciting and inspiring to see how individual artists have responded to the concept; expect a wide range of interpretations!

The opening party is at 6.30pm on 14 April and the exhibition runs until the 10 May. 

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