Ballylickey inventor’s machine helps anyone play guitar!

Ballylickey inventor, Tim Rowe, has launched his latest invention on Kickstarter – and he’s found lots of local musicians to help him do it.

Singers and musicians from across West Cork have joined together to demonstrate the product – the Chordelia Guitar Machine. It is a wooden attachment that clips onto a guitar and helps people play instantly.

In fact, even people with arthritis or missing fingers can play using a Chordelia. As Tim says, “It’s also for lazy people like me, who never got around to learning to play the normal way. After all, learning to make chords takes a long long time and really hurts your fingers.

With one of these fitted to your guitar, it just takes one finger to make a chord. The musicians did a wonderful job of demonstrating the machine and singing some of the songs you can play with it. I’m very grateful for their help – but we had a lot of fun making the video too!”

Tim has been making these complicated little gadgets for a year or so already – but the latest version, which features an extra chord, was launched recently on the Kickstarter website.

 Look up ‘Chordelia’ on Kickstarter to see a video of how it works – and see how many local musicians you recognise…