Autumn fishing on Inniscarra is a Feederfest!

Inniscarra Lake - match venue. Munster angler Kevin Leahy in the foreground

ONE hundred anglers enjoyed five days of match fishing on Inniscarra Reservoir over the bank holiday weekend.

The competition was fished on the Coachford Greenway and continuing with the legacy of the World Feeder Fishing Championships of 2014 it was a tip fishing only featuring other well-known feeder fishing venues such as the Garden Centre, Graveyard and Inishleena.

The close match saw Steve Ringer go into the final day in third position to catch 237 roach and finish the winner. Steve finished with 52.010kg, 5kg ahead of County Cavan based angler Neil Mazurek who presented a steady performance throughout for 46.070kg. Less than a kilo behind was Dean Barlow with 425.200kg for third place. Steve Ringer coincidently won his first Gold medal on the venue in 2014 along with Team England who also scored gold and many of whom were back one the lake for the first time.

1 STEVE RINGER, England 52.010kg

2 NEIL MAZUREK, Ireland 46.070kg

3 DEAN BARLOW, England 45.200kg

4 ADAM WAKELIN, England 44.120kg

5 ROB WOOTTON, England 45.520kg

6 LEO KOOT, Holland 41.460kg

7 PHIL IRVING, England 40.880kg

8 PHIL RINGER, England 40.760kg

Fantastic sponsorship from Guinness contributed to a massive prize fund of €23,000 along with €5,000 of tackle from Sensas Ireland provided the top eight winners with super cash prizes on top of daily and section wins. For the winner was a custom-made trophy complete with a hand-crafted feeder hallmarked in Cork silver commissioned by sponsors Jackie Lennox Chip Shop. O’Callagahan’s and O’Riordan’s Bars in Coachford looked after the anglers superbly even giving the anglers the opportunity to pour their own pint!

The match attracted some of the finest feeder anglers from across Europe and created a buzz in Coachford and the surrounding area not seen since the championships of 2014. And with a combination of 20lb of roach a day and the superb local hospitality Feederfest is sure to set itself securely on the match fishing calendar.

Inniscarra Lake Tourism Development Limited, the angling group who look after the area congratulate the winners and thank everyone who took part; 90% of whom travelled from overseas. Thank you to Guinness, it’s great to have a commercial sponsor onboard with angling events and a pleasure to work with, along with Sensas Ireland and Jackie Lennox Chip Shop, Cork.

Next up for Inniscarra is the Sensas Challenge with anglers from Ireland and France fishing a team competiton over the weekend of 12th & 13th of November. The National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland are set to host the World Youth Angling Championships on the Coachford Greenway in August 2017 which could see 50 junior teams from across the world on the venue.