Action Plan on Rural Development needs to be rolled out faster

Michael Moynihan

Cork North West TD, Michael Moynihan has said that he is deeply frustrated by the slow pace of the Government’s roll out of the Action Plan for Rural Development. 

“In recent weeks, I have been contacted by a number of property owners in the North Cork area who are interested in availing of the grants available under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme.

“The Minister announced the scheme almost two months ago, and I am disappointed to find out that a pilot scheme will only be rolled out in the second half of 2017.

“The scheme is targeted at owner-occupiers to assist with the cost of bringing buildings back into use for residential purposes only.

“Not only will this bring vibrancy back into our towns and villages, it will also increase the number of homes available to the County Council and private tenants.

“This is, I’m afraid, another example of the Government being eager to announce something to be seen to do something, but not having the ground work completed.

“It would have made much more s;ense to get the details of the scheme confirmed before announcing the project.

“Unfortunately for rural Ireland, Fine Gael are trying to play catch up on all too many issues, and are trying to run before they can walk,” concluded Moynihan.